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with an idea

Our goal is to boost the importance of technology, culture, art and entertainment.

Our organization, based on Spain, was founded in 2015 by two teenagers age 13. Since then, new ways and formats started to appear and more specific goals were established. We achieve our mission through three deparments, highlighting the media outlet.


Media Outlet

Our media outlet covers stories about technology, tech culture, art and entertainment in different formats.


Radio Show

News Agency



With the aim of achieving the goals of our organization: promotion and boosting the digital transformation, we help companies and people with some services.

Web design & development

Cultural events



Social Projects

All of our projects are made to achieve the goals of the organization. However, we love to go beyond participating and holding events and activities with a social purpose to help other groups in society.


Awareness campaigns


What you want to know, at a glance.

Our magazine covers different aspects of culture, technology, entertaniment and art. Thanks to our formats and distributions, thousands and thousands of readers enjoy our content.


The easiest way to be informed.

VDOL Radio is a radio show in both, traditional FM and podcast formats, that gathers tech and culture stories, interviews, and personal experiences. A very interesting way of broadcasting and boosting the importance of tech culture.

We love technology

We're an official media partner of IFA 2019

We have the honor of being an Official Media Partner of the biggest tech fair in Europe. IFA Berlin

Exclusive-dedicated coverage with all kind of content.

Event section with a compilation of articles, reviews and interviews.

We are compromised with our mission supporting the biggest tech show in Europe.

To expand our ideas beyond frontiers.

Making the world a better place

Our Non-profit organization organizes and participates in cultural, enviromental and social projects with the aim of making the world a better place.

Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is VDOL?

Visto de Otro Lado (VDOL) is an organization that creates projects focused on tech, culture, art and entertainment.

Is VDOL a media outlet?

Yes. One of the projects of the organization is a media outlet. This division creates, edits, and distributes stories and information in physical and audiovisual format.

Is it possible to participate or volunteer?

Yes! We need help to continue accomplishing our mission. Our projects are based in a crucial aspect: participation. It is as easy as filling the form in the bottom of this page and we will find lots of ways of working together no matter how far we are!

I'm just looking for the digital magazine

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